About Us

Who are We and What We Believe In!

EmberBox was born out of the need to help people overcome one of the biggest issues for conscious smokers, no alternatives to the status quo! We have noticed that subscription boxes for smokers can be gimmicky and highly artificial. This leaves the consumer with little choice aside from taking a run down to their local convenience store, which is anything but convenient, just to find a limited choice of products. Searching for clean products can be a big hassle, but it shouldn’t be!
To alleviate this issue, we got to work! Locating the best products and developing connections with  wholesalers to bring those products directly to you. We got rid of the ridiculous markups convenience stores would charge and funnel the savings  to you. Offering only the purest organic products, products that we use ourselves, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice. 
So sit back on your couch and let EmberBox do the hard work for you! We look forward to providing you the cleanest products that give back to the environment while simultaneously saving you your hard earned money. No gimmicks, all organic, Earth friendly.
Thank you!

More Trees. Better World.

Since its inception, EmberBox has had the drive to make a difference in the world, a real positive impact. One day, Bryant Naumov, our founder, stumbled upon a charity that caught his eye. One Tree Planted works to combat and correct global climate change by reforesting large areas of land that were cut down or victims of wild fires. With each box sold, a tree will be planted that will continue to clean our air and produce oxygen for generations to come.
By using our products and supporting the One Tree Planted cause, you are ensuring that we leave the world a better place than when we found it and we couldn’t be more thankful to you for allowing us to do that!